About Me

Josianne Kub Martin is a 21-year-old ensemble entertainer who appreciates unwinding, painting and running. She is inventive and engaging, yet can likewise be twisted and a piece disloyal.

She is French. She began school however never completed the course. She is fixated on making playlists.

Physically, Josianne is fit as a fiddle. She is normal stature with earthy colored skin, earthy colored hair and bruised eyes. She has a mole on her privilege cheek.

She experienced childhood in an average neighborhood. After her mom kicked the bucket when she was youthful, she was raised by her father

She is at present involved with Edgar Leon Sheppard. Edgar is similar age as her and functions as a student.

Josianne’s closest companion is a chorale entertainer called Alicia Parry. They manage everything well more often than not. She additionally spends time with Bernice Forrest and Ross Jeffery. They appreciate composing together.