All You Need To Know About Flee The Facility Game And Hack Script Pastebin For It

If you are into games, there is no need to explain what is Flee The Facility. The most interesting part of it is the hack script Pastebin. But before explaining about Flee the facility hack script Pastebin, it is necessary to stop on some of the game features as well.

Main gameplay

There are a few main “clicks” in the game:

  • LShift – to lay down
  • E – to use
  • Q – use the power
  • KRV – hammer blow

As for the skills system, there is summarizing the results after each match and you get awards.

The game contains different boxes with the skins for hammer and crystal (for Beast). There are 3 of them:

  • Usual box – 100 C – Usual – 70%, rare – 25%, epic – 5%
  • Rare box – 300 C – Rare – 70%, epic – 25%, legendary – 5%
  • Epic box – 800 C – Epic – 80%, legendary – 20%

Playing as a Survivor

The main target for Survivor is to run away from the Beast from the abandoned building. You have to run, hide, and hack five computers. They appear in different places. Don’t forget to play with volume as you can hear the heartbeat, which means that the Beast is near. After all the computers are hacked, your playing status will switch into “FIND EXIT”. When you are close to the exit, you have to open it (just press E), and you are free.

If you see a person with a blue sign on him, it means that the Beast caught him. Look a bit up, there will be a level of your teammate’s health. Be careful, before helping others, you have to make sure that there is no Beast near. When you see that the moment is right, come closer to your teammate and click the E button. When the match ends, you will get some bonuses.

As for computers, there are 3 stages of them:

  • Normal (blue screen)
  • Error (red screen)
  • Hacked (green screen)

Here is everything clear, blue is when the computer is in a stable stage, red is if you have done something wrong while hacking it and green means that you have done everything right.

Playing as a Beast

The main goal of the Beast is very simple. All you have to do is just imprison all Survivors in cryo chambers. Beast is strong during the fight. If you use a hammer while playing as the Beast, that means that the Survivor is stunned and you are going to see kind of a map, which shows where the cryo chambers are. Although the Beast is strong, he is also very slow. Beast has also some perks, like Runner perk, which allows him to be faster, for example, Hacker and All-seeing perks. 

Flee the facility hack script


“Fair” game is good, but sometimes the desire to try some script Pastebin is so strong, that you cannot stop yourself. One such way may allow you to have all the possible items in game. Due to such “hack”, you can;

  • Teleport to any computer
  • Teleport to the ice cube
  • Teleport to the exit

That was just a small example of Flee the facility hack script Pastebin. If you try to surf the Internet, you will be surprised by the number of such things.