AVG Find my Phone – Pros and Cons

AVG company enriches the list of the opportunities for the users every day and one unique possibility is to find the stolen or lost phone in order to prevent the appearance of your personal and financial information in other users and save them. AVG finds my phone only in few actions! But the obligatory thing is AVG antivirus should be installed on your device. In another case, the phone cannot be found. So, let’s clarify how to find the phone using AVG possibilities.  

Method 1 to find the lost phone is tracing

The device can be traced with a few actions. The first method to prevent your personal information from the other user is to trace the phone. So, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official site of AVG mobilization.
  • Enter your account with login and password.
  • Check with the location button. It will take some time in order to define the place. You should stay patient. 
  • In the end, the information will automatically appear on the screen. Study it and decide where the location is.

Way 2 to find the phone

A person can use SMS to trace the location of his phone. The old SIM card must be on your phone to receive the reply message. There are some necessary rules for this method:

  • Valid data connection on your phone.
  • The phone must be ON regime. 
  • The phone should be displayed under the Mobilation web-page.
  • Your SIM card should be input to use SMS commands. 

Advanced settings

This section proposes a quite wide range of services. Here the user can choose the actions which will be made in SIM change or if the phone is marked as lost one. The phone can be blocked. You can interdict the access to the program manager, interdict on USD-testing. The offender won’t be able to change the files on the phone memory via PC. Here you can also launch the notifications about the low battery in order to know that the phone won’t be traced soon. It can be made that the phone will always end the notifications about the quick discharging.  

In the article “System condition” the main information on the trace status is placed. The administrator rights are turned on here and it will allow performing the telephone flush to the original factory settings in the removal way. And if there is a necessity, you should clean the list of reliable SIM. 

Bottom line

So, AVG proposes several methods to find the lost or stolen phone and prevent your data leakage. One of them is to trace the phone location. All solutions are quite simple and don’t require much time.