Avast VPN Not working – Fast Solutions

Avast VPN is a virtual private network system. It is available on many operational system like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It is the integrate part of the Avast company. Sometimes, the users have the issue that Avast VPN doesn’t operate correctly. Let’s know the arguments of the problem and to solve it together.

Arguments why Avast VPN not working

The most expanded reasons are:

  • Placement. The user chooses the placement himself. If VPN isn’t active, try to select other place on the proposed map.
  • Third-party activities. The user has to default the applications.
  • Problems with Internet operation. Its speed should be proper.
  • Problems with application installation. The user has to reinstall the system.
  • Subscription. The app works only if it is valid. 

Choose other location

This is one of the oftenest solution how to overcome the problem. It will help to overcome the issue:

  • Visit Avast VPN and click on Privacy policy button.
  • Click on the button to Choose the location and indicate a new location.
  • Confirm changes and go out the app.
  • Restart the system and check if VPN works in a proper way. 

If VPN is still inactive, the reason is another and the solution is presented below. 

Internet connection isn’t proper 

Sure that Internet operation is correct and can meet with VPN services. 

One of the ways to solve the problem is to supply cycle the router. Take away the Internet key cable and wait about 1 minute to plug it back. Then check is VPN operates properly without any errors. If not, you should connect with the Internet provider and clarify the reason of Internet operation issue. 

Check the subscription

The app works only if the subscription is valid. Visit the Avast official account and check if your subscription is active. 

As a rule, subscription becomes invalid because they cannot charge the entered account. You should reactive the account and persuade if everything is proper now. 

Reinstall app

This can be caused when VPN installation was interrupted and the process wasn’t finished. In this case, the user has to reinstall the app completely and to install the updated version. Visit the official site of Avast VPN and download it and make the installation. Choose the place of location and make the subscription. Now, VPN has to work without errors. 

Several devices are switched in Avast VPN

There is a strict number of devices, defined by Avast developers, which can be switched in Avast VPN. If you see the notification “Maximum connections are reached”, you should disconnect some devices from VPN and persuade if the application works properly. 

Bottom line

There are several and effective solutions how to overcome the problem of Avast VPN doesn’t operate.