Does Dog Whistle App Really Work?

Dog Whistle App is a training whistle for Android smartphones. It generates high-frequency sound from 12000 Hz to 44000 Hz. Sounds of this frequency are often not heard by people, but dogs hear very well. The frequency of the whistle sound is selected.

What is the dog whistle app

Dog whistle app (ultrasound) – an indispensable program for android and iOS for people who are engaged in training pets. This free program can also be used as a security tool. Select the desired frequency, and the animal will experience fear, humility and other feelings. The program has several built-in functions, thanks to them, working with it is quite simple and comfortable. The application does not take up much space, and can also be installed on a removable SD card, which is useful in order to save space on the system partition.


The Dog Whistle app has additional features such as a timer that were added to trigger the necessary signal after a certain time. Improved sound quality for enhanced performance. For dog breeders, a special section has been added with tips on pet training using the presented program.

Unfortunately, not all gadgets have good speakers, which is why some of them may not reproduce part of the frequencies. Installing on a flash drive is a nice bonus to save space on your device.

How to use the Dog Whistle app

In Dog Whistle app we have a very simple interface: a couple of triggers and a few buttons. The top orange “Press to whistle” is responsible for playing the sample. The “toggle” button adjusts whether the signal from the iPhone is constant or single.

  • The trigger “Frequency” we can choose the frequency. With its help, you can determine the frequency of your pet’s response to the sound. And the “Pattern” trigger selects the intensity from the “Pure tone” (pure, continuous sound) to the “Oscillation” of the vibrational sound.
  • The buttons “set 1”, “set 2”, “set 3” give us the opportunity to save our sound parameters, if suddenly the pet liked not only a single sample of a certain frequency.

Dog Whistle App: Summing up

For dog lovers, the Dog whistle app will be very useful. At least that’s what its manufacturers say. The bottom line is that a dog responds better to high and low frequencies than a person and can catch what we can’t hear at all. The creators went to this trick and made a whistle for dogs from a smartphone.

Just with the help of these sounds of high and low frequencies that the phone makes, you can train your dog and teach her various tricks. A pure long signal to a dog is easier to catch than a command word.

There are two versions of the dog-whistle app in the iTunes store. Free and paid ones. One from the other is distinguished only by a greater number of settings and tones. It is worth starting with the free version, to check whether the program has at least some effect on the pet. Only then think about buying the full version and spend honestly earned a dollar, or rather 99 cents.