Which Invisible Fence is Best for Dog?

The invisible fence system is one of the most reliable and economical pet control systems. The fence wire hidden in the ground transmits a harmless radio signal. When your dog approaches the border, this radio signal first triggers a warning sound in the dog’s collar receiver.

If the dog continues to approach the border, the system will have a slight electrical effect. If the dog continues to walk towards the border, the system will have a stronger electrical effect until the dog returns to the set limits of the border. Your dog will naturally seek to avoid exposure and will remain within established boundaries, thanks to the invisible fence.

How to choose an invisible dog fence?

The choice of an invisible fence depends on the goal. It is available in two forms:

  • An invisible hedge of tape conductors, wires under-voltage created by the pulse generator;
  • An electric fence for dogs, which is also called “invisible.” The kit includes a wireless collar and a wire that needs to be installed around the perimeter of the area for which the song should go.

Those who believe that the electric fence for dogs is a waste of money have probably never in their life tried to surround with care and attention more than two or three dogs.

Experienced dog breeders do not deny themselves the pleasure of buying an invisible dog fence and forget about the problems: open flower beds, splashed pools, shoots from a fenced area. The device kits are very effective, practical, and most importantly affordable. The only thing to take care of is the minimal training of tailed friends.

Dogs are smart creatures. To arrange an escape for the territory is a common thing for them and the dog will not occupy inventive methods of overcoming obstacles. An electric fence for dogs on the farm minimizes the chances that you will not find your favorite when you go out into the yard. The ideal option for a fence is a combination of an electric fence and a fence of other materials.

In addition to the safety of pets, the electric fence also protects the fenced areas from uninvited visitors from outside. Stray cats and dogs will no longer harm your household. At the first attempt to find a treat or make a prank on neighbor’s flowers, the animal will receive a harmless, but very unpleasant electric shock.

Main functions of the invisible fence

The invisible fence has some features of work and use. Here are some of them.

  • proportional impulse effect – the closer your dog comes to the border, the stronger the electric effect will be;
  • increasing sound effect – at first, a warning sound signal will be issued. After 4-10 seconds, an electrical effect will be provided. If the dog continues to move towards the border, the electrical effect will increase;
  • adjustable width of the controlled zone – allows you to precisely control the width of the signal field;

One unit of invisible fence can serve a boundary circuit with an area of ​​up to 5000 square meters. Precautions: take a few minutes to fully read the operating instructions before using the invisible fence. For best results, follow these important guidelines: