How to Use E Collar Training the Right Way?

There are many opinions regarding the need and benefits of using E Collar Training for dogs. In this article, we will try to identify not only the main pros and cons of electronic collars but also highlight the main parameters that are important when choosing and buying electronic collars, as well as dispel some myths about training using such collars.

How long have the first E Collar Training models appeared?

At the end of the 60s of the last century, Georgian ethologist Yason Badridze invented a device that affects an animal using electronic impulses to study wolves in their natural habitat. This device was attached to the neck of the animals. This became the prototype of modern electronic collars. Their production was established in the 70s of the last century in the United States and they were intended primarily for hunters, exerting influence on hunting dogs, preventing them from being distracted by non-game animals. Scientists have long determined that using electronic impulses it is possible to act on different animals, but electronic collars for dogs are widely used.

E Collar Training Essentials

An electronic collar is a device that acts on a dog using electrical impulses of different power and different durations and allows you to control the actions of the dog from a distance. Such a device is controlled remotely using the remote control.

E Collar Training allows you to:

  • suppress unwanted actions (instincts) of a dog, for example, aggression against other dogs, chasing a cat or other animals, raising unwanted objects from the ground, barking, aggression against people, etc .;
  • form conditioned reflexes to indicate the correct actions of the dog (used in conjunction with encouragement);
  • prepare the dog and train the dog for track work or various sports;
  • to draw the attention of the animal to the trainer during training.

What electrical impulses are used in the work:

  • sound;
  • vibration;
  • electricity.

What types of stimulation are used during E Collar Training:

single – single discharge, exposure time of about 0.2 seconds;

  • growing – a gradual increase in the level of electrical stimulation during discharge, the exposure time from one to several seconds;
  • constant – continuous exposure to the dog for several seconds.

The fact that the possibilities of using electronic collars is quite wide has long been known and, depending on their purpose, they were divided into groups. Since when choosing E Collar Training, you must first determine the functions that it should perform, let’s look at what electronic collars are today.

Dog Training Basics with E Collar Training

Training using the electronic collar requires careful preparation and therefore let’s look at the main points on which the success of training in general depends.

  • Confidence in the choice. You must be sure that you have acquired reliable E Collar Training, designed specifically for your chosen goals (training, training, behavior correction) and have the opportunity to choose different modes to change the force of impact on the animal.
  • Lack of discomfort. The dog should not be uncomfortable with the electronic collar. To do this, she must get used to the feeling of a collar on her neck sometime before training using electric pulses.

Attach the E Collar Training to a regular collar and allow your dog to move around in it. The dog should not be alarmed when you put an electronic collar on it.