Is Bark Collar Safe for Dogs?

As you know, any dog ​​is inclined to express their emotions with the help of a bark. However, many animals can make noise for no particular reason, thus causing inconvenience to the owner. In this case, a collar comes to the aid of dog breeders – you will learn all about bark collar from the material below.

The principle of work of bark collar

So, what is the principle of operation of this device from barking dogs? A collar is a dog’s collar directly that responds to what sounds a pet makes. That is, the device can cope not only with barking but also with howling, which comes from a pet. The principle of operation of such an accessory is that it begins to send vibrations, voltage discharges or release a spray to calm the dog.

That is, the longer the dog barks, the stronger the ultrasonic bark collar works. If the animal ceases to bark, the level of exposure to the pet is significantly reduced. The device operates on a battery or batteries, that is, the accessory must be either periodically charged or batteries replaced. In addition, on sale, you can also find automatic devices that work with remote control.

Recommendations for owners

The owner must know something before purchasing a bark collar. Below are the main recommendations that the dog breeder should consider:

Firstly, before purchasing an accessory, you should not only consider the breed but also analyze the nature of the pet. For example, if your dog has an easily excitable character or is inherently nervous, then an electric collar may not work. Of course, it will be able to “shut up” the dog for some time, but he will also negatively affect the dog. Subsequently, the bark collar can seriously damage the nervous system of your pet.

The animal should not be accustomed to wearing such an accessory immediately, but gradually. In practice, for many dogs, using Antilay can cause stress. After all, if the pet decides to bark, the bark collar will immediately react, which will cause the dog discomfort. Therefore, at first, when the dog only gets acquainted with his punishment for barking, a person needs to stroke the animal. The dog must understand that everything that happened is as it should be, there is no threat to its life.

How to accustom the pet to the bark collar

According to experienced breeders, the first use of the device should belong. The collar should be worn on the dog, but you need to turn it on only after a few days. After all, the animal must get used to the fact that he has a collar.

In any case, use is an extreme option if the dog barks uncontrollably at all. The animal must be raised from early childhood, we are talking about all dogs, without exception. Even if you get a “smart” breed, for example, a shepherd, you cannot hope that she will learn everything herself.

The pet must be brought up and at least trained to shut it up at the request of the owner. If you can train him that way, then you won’t need any bark collar. But if a dog is loud by nature, then sometimes using such a collar is the only way to calm a pet down.